Yo, Bro – Look at That Mural!

Mural Girls

“Yo, bro!” (Wait, that’s two girls?)

Lindsay Zodrow and Hayley Owen laugh about the unusual name they picked for their mural art company, Yo Bro. “It’s a statement, because we’re deeply proud to be in this male- dominated industry. Our style is super feminine, but we know how to use power tools,” Lindsay said.

Yo Bro paintings in downtown Edmond are immediately identifiable for their earth-toned florals in pastel shades of dusty rose and pale mint green. Inspired by wood carvings, Hayley and Lindsay offset their outlines to create depth. One of their early murals was created on the alley wall across from Festival Marketplace, and they recently completed the restaurant “streatery” barriers along Broadway.

Although 2020 didn’t seem like an ideal time to start a new business, many places were closed temporarily and wanted to spruce up their space or fill an empty wall at home with a mural. Hayley and Lindsay painted their first mural for a yoga studio in Norman, and have been busy in the metro ever since.

The two women met while doing a floral design job, after which Hayley went home and told her husband, “I met this weird girl, and I have a feeling we’re going to collaborate.” Hayley began to teach Lindsay embroidery, and their friendship solidified. They both enjoyed painting, but had vastly different experiences. Hayley had painted houses as a college job, while Lindsay owned a handmade store in Oklahoma City’s Plaza district, called Collected Thread. After making the heart-wrenching decision to close the store, Lindsay embarked on some independent design work.

“I painted a new window design for Cuppies and Joe for their 10-year anniversary present,” Lindsay said. “I loved doing it! By then, Hayley and I were friends, and I realized I didn’t want to own a business by myself again, so we joined artistic forces.”

Yo Bro has found Edmond to be especially “hungry for art.” Because each project is unique, each has special memories. They recently painted a Route 66 mural inside the Edmond Historical Museum. Lindsay found it incredibly special, because her grandmother volunteered there before passing away.

Hayley was surprised by their reception while painting the streatery barriers. “Lanes were closed off, and we’re sitting in the street painting, expecting people to be annoyed with us—but instead, they were shouting out the windows saying, ‘Thank you, it looks awesome!’”

Sharing a business and merging their artistic styles has come with challenges, but their friendship is the root of their successful partnership. Hayley and Lindsay, both moms of young children, creatively squeeze their work week into a three-day schedule to allow them the freedom to still honor their family needs.

“We really admire each other’s work. Hayley’s talent as an artist is baffling to me,” Lindsay said. “It’s rare for two women to work together like this, but it’s a gift to have such a deep friendship. We both challenge each other to be better as artists, mothers, wives and Christians.”

“We’ve had hard conversations and hurt feelings, but we also respect the heck out of each other,” Hayley said. “I needed this extroverted Lindsay in my life, to pull me out of quietly creating art at home and never showing it to anyone. At any other point in life, this partnership might not have taken off, but we found our niche at the right time.”

For more information follow yo.bro.okc on Instagram.

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