Reason to Believe Ranch

Prim and Luke

Five-year-old Luke Mays of Guthrie
sways with a natural rhythm as the giant white-and-gray horse beneath him trots
through the soft reddish dirt in the barn at the Reason to Believe ranch. He
looks tiny on top of the show horse—his jeans-clad legs barely reach the
stirrups and his little hands grab the reins as his hips roll in harmony with
the horse’s gait. The expression on his face ranges from seriously solemn to a
wide grin of pure joy.

AngeloLuke is autistic. Before, he
couldn’t communicate like other five-year-olds. His balance and body control
were sporadic. He’d randomly scream or babble out gibberish, as some autistic
children do. “A friend of ours with an autistic daughter recommended horse
therapy for Luke,” said father Todd Mays, a young firefighter from Guthrie. “We
started searching and we heard about Prim and this ranch. We’ve been coming out