MY OUTLOOK: Gia Rose & Travis Neely, Interior Designers for Oklahoma Designer Show House

What is the Oklahoma Designer Show House?

Gia Rose with Travis Neely, interior designers participating in Oklahoma Designer Show HouseTN: It’s a home tour involving local designers and their teams, each assigned a different space to create. The public is then invited to visit the home, and to enjoy the lavishly appointed rooms.

GR: The designer show house concept was created by designers in order to gain complete artistic freedom to best display their talent. This year features a new, 5,200-square-foot home built by Steve McClean of Coldwater Creek Homes, so people can see the latest trends in not only home decor, but architectural finishes.

How long has Designer’s Market been supporting the event?

GR: Last year Andrea Meister, a local designer, came to me and asked for our help by donating furniture and accessories to the designers participating. Andrea asked if our designers would like to design a room this year and I jumped at the opportunity.

TN: This is the 2nd annual event, and Designer’s Market has generously supported the designers both years by loaning furnishings, artwork and accessories for their spaces.

How is the show house chosen each year?

TN: We collaborate with local builders and realtors to find a home with the desired square footage to allow multiple design teams to get involved. We also seek out locations that we believe the public will enjoy visiting.

How many designers are featured and how are they selected?

GR: There are ten designers this year. They are not only notable for their work but diverse in their talent.

TN: The board of the Show House nominates a variety of local designers to be involved. Our goal is to showcase a wide variety of Oklahoma’s design talent, so each year, we include both previously involved designers and new talent.

Can guests shop at Designer’s Market for items they see at the show home?

GR: Yes! What they will see in the show house is available in the showroom and much more. The furniture and accessories in the house are all on sale as well. So if you see something you love, you can buy it and pick it up after the show.

Does the show house inspire homeowners to update their style?

GR: We all get in a rut when it comes to design and decorating. Sometimes we just need a boost in the right direction by exposing ourselves to new visual experiences. I guarantee that after leaving the show house, it will be just the boost you need.

TN: The Oklahoma Designer Show House is the perfect place to witness creativity at its finest. We hope guests complete the tour with a myriad of fresh ideas.

Are all the furnishings and accessories original designs?

GR: Designers use furnishings and products from their own personal showrooms or custom create them for the space and then augment them with furnishings from Designer’s Market. 

TN: Each space is the creative endeavor of the designer, so every room is custom designed. The furnishings and accessories found throughout the home are a mix of custom pieces and those supplied by a variety of each designer’s vendors.

Rendering of room for the Oklahoma Designer Show House by Gia RoseWhat are the biggest trends in interior design this year?

GR: Light bright colors and natural textures are inspirations of coastal retreats that we have been reticent to take. I believe this will evolve into even brighter tones and more rustic textures.

TN: One of the most prevalent trends is the inclusion of marble accents. The show house’s fireplace, bathroom tile and many accessories are marble or have faux marble finishes. Matte finishes are quite popular and can be seen in many forms, from glass tile, metals and wood finishes.

What’s something a homeowner can do to update their home?

GR: Add a new unique piece of art or statement piece of furniture to your space. Adding a colorful, contemporary art piece, is an easy way to move your space from traditional to transitional, a look just short of true modern.

TN: Fresh paint is a great, inexpensive way to breathe new life into any space. While grays have currently surpassed beiges as the go-to neutrals, there are actually many colors that can create soft, inviting spaces and still be neutral enough to work in many environments. Try a very soft blue or green as your new neutral. If you long for something new, but are stumped on the color, consult a design professional for help.

Visit the show home Sept. 9-11, 16-18 from 10am-4pm at 3101 Oakdale Ridge Ct. in Edmond. Tickets available at Designer’s Market, 11900 N. Santa Fe.

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