My Edmond Outlook: David Findlay

Name: David Findlay, Author, Illustrator, Husband and Father
Edmond Resident Since: 1988

What drew you to the medieval type stories and characters?
When I was nine, I was fascinated with the film “Excalibur.” From there on anything revolving around adventures in a sword age got my attention. I’m also a collector.

What kind of items do you have in your collection?
The list is long! A shirt and coif of mail (mistakenly called chain-mail), a great helm, brigandine armor, seven swords including three replicas from Lord of the Rings, an axe, a flail, and a couple of outfits for the fairs.

Do you have any favorite Medieval Fairs?
The Renaissance Festival at the Castle of Muskogee is open every weekend in May. I think it’s my personal favorite.

You’re writing and illustrating your first novel. What was your inspiration?
Lord of The Rings inspired me as well as my faith in God and life experiences that I can apply to the story.

Tell us about the language you created for your novel.
I call it Lanthrish and it’s a work in progress. But I’ve created a script and my wife likes to guess what a word means when she reads it. For instance, byden means bring.

Have you ever been in a dual or sword fight?
I’ve done a little fencing and combat choreography. But, I have mad skills with a bow staff.

Is there a subculture of people in Edmond who are into this type of stuff that we don’t know about?
I know they’re out there, but they may not be as outgoing as me.
I have no problem going out for a  frozen yogurt dressed as Little John!

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