Dining Guide: Let’s Do Greek

Many Edmond residents expect excellence in their dining experience. Marsha and Gleen Aguilar, boasting more than 30 years in the restaurant business, opened the doors of Let’s Do Greek in February and delivered that excellence. La Greek in Midwest City had been in the family for 25 years before it was sold two years ago. “We missed it so much we decided to open one in Edmond,” said Marsha Aguilar.

Their legacy of delicious Greek food has made them famous among Oklahomans who’ve now discovered the Aguilars’ latest venture. Although many menu items are the same, the Aguilars cut back their menu to help keep things simple. However, the demand for customer favorites had them adding to the menu after being open for only a couple of weeks.

While Greek food is their specialty, with such favorites as Oregano Chicken or Chicken Suvlakia, also on the menu are Venezuelan Arepas with daily specials of Persian food. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. “Cooking is our passion. When you do your passion, everything comes out better. We are involved in the whole operation; every day one of us is going to be here. It’s a big deal to us that we’re hands-on. They could come here a hundred times and it’s always us cooking the food and out front to greet them,” said Gleen.

The Aguilars’ legacy of excellence and passion is not just for cooking but in caring for their family and customers alike. “I always tell my employees, we get one chance with that person coming in for the first time. I know when they walk in I can make them a lifetime customer and a friend. ” said Marsha.

Family is a priority and the main reason Let’s Do Greek isn’t open late at night. “We’ve had people tell us they respect us for wanting to spend time with our kids. We’ve had people say they came by three or four times and we were closed but they came back and they’ve become repeat customers,” said Marsha.

Although the Aguilars have won several awards over the years, their greatest rewards are the compliments left in the comment box in the front of the restaurant. “Whatever comment we get, good or bad, goes on the board,” said Aguilar. “Mostly, people tell us the food is amazing. Our email is on the front of our menu because we want to communicate with our customers.”

Let’s Do Greek is located at 180 W. 15th St. They offer a private room for reservations (free of charge) and catering is available. For to-go orders, call 858-TOGO (8646).

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