LOUISE: The Hamster Hunt

If you raised a child like my oldest, you had lots of furry or slithery critters around your house. Thankfully, much of Aaron’s menagerie stayed outside, but who didn’t have a hamster or two through the years? Aphrodite was Aaron’s first teddy bear hamster. Cute and cuddly, she did all the things hamsters are supposed to do. She ran around her wheel in the cage or in a ball across the floor. She even played calmly in your hands without biting. I don’t remember how long Aphrodite lived but not long enough for my son. He came home from school one day to find her collapsed in her cage. That was one of those, “M-O-M!” moments, where you go running to the bedroom with a baseball bat to make sure no one is trying to kidnap your kid.

HamsterNow, I grew up on a farm but we didn’t have hamsters and I certainly didn’t know how to resuscitate one so we grabbed Aphrodite and sped to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, nothing could be done, and of course Aaron wanted another hamster. What good parent would refuse after such a devastating loss? That’s how Athena came to live with us. Yes, Aaron was into Gr