LOUISE: Concert with Mom

May brings a celebration of mothers. I love honoring my sweet, 99-year-old mama, but I also enjoy doing fun things with my kids. And being the mother of four, with two of my children already in heaven, I like to recall wonderful times with each of them. An exceptional or everyday happening that brought a special joy to my soul and left a beautiful memory in my heart. Most of these moments took place when I least expected them.

When my oldest son was in high school, he planned to attend a Christian contemporary music concert with the youth group from our church. To my amazement, Aaron invited me to go along. He knew I enjoyed the music of one of the performers. I readily accepted. However, by the time the date of the concert arrived, I had questions about going. My youngest son, who had multiple health issues, had been ill and I was concerned about him. Maybe I should stay home. Of course, my husband saw no need in that and encouraged me to attend, assuring me he was capable of taking care of Jay. I wavered.

At a concertFinally, it hit me. Aaron was sixteen years old. How many opportunities would I have to do something fun with him before he went away to college? And how many youth actually invited their mothers to attend a concert with them that was clearly geared for teens? The decision was made. I would not miss this opportunity.

At the concert, I sat with Aaron and his friends in the third row, stuffing Kleenex in my ears to block out the loud, ear-splitting, amplified music of the first performer. I stood when the kids stood, clapped when they clapped and never let anyone know how nervous I was to feel the floor vibrate beneath my feet. Aaron and his friends were amused at my enthusiasm.

By the time we left the concert, I was certain my hearing was damaged forever. My ears were ringing and sounds were muffled but it quickly passed. So did my son’s teenage years. In no time he was in college and away from home. I missed him more than I could say. On days when I was especially lonely for his ready smile and his teasing manner I would often think back to the concert we attended and be thankful once again that I didn’t pass up an opportunity to spend time with my son.

Aaron is now grown and has a family of his own, but we are still very close. Some days he calls just to chat and tell me about his day. I drop everything and enjoy the moment, knowing that these times too shall pass.

And even today, some 30 years later, I sometimes reminisce on that concert of years ago when my teenage son and I made a lifetime memory. And Aaron? Well, he still laughs about the fact that his mom was the only person in the whole youth group to get an autograph from the performer. 

Wishing all moms everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day. May you make beautiful memories to hold in your heart forever!

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