BUSINESS: Generations Home Care

Carl & Meredith Phillips, Owners of Generations Home Care with Danny Lewis, AdministratorWhen Danny Lewis was a teenager, his father got him a job at the Deaconess Hospital psychiatric wing. He didn’t want the job. He wasn’t too keen on bathing and cleaning the elderly who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and more, but within in a week, he was in love.

“I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life,” Lewis said. “I can’t put it in words… senior adults are just so incredible to be around.” Following his calling, Lewis is now the administrator for Generations Home Care Sitter and Companion Services of Edmond.

Carl Phillips, who owns Generations Home Care with his licensed counselor wife Meredith, has always had a caretaker spirit. When a school friend became paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident while riding to football practice, he was the one to visit and sit and care for him.

“This is all I’ve ever known,” Phillips said. “It’s a calling. I got into occupational therapy and then home care.”

That passion for providing care, hope and friendship to the elderly and others who cannot be left alone for extended periods led the two to start Generations three and a half years ago.

“We both started in home health when we were young, and we both love it,” said Lewis. “Our clients need people, and they need more than their family can give them. The moral is that both of us are caregivers, and we saw a need for quality in-home care.”

Generations offers bathing and bathroom assistance, sitter and companion services, live-in home care, meal preparation, assessment and evaluation by a qualified RN. Transportation for shopping, errands and outings is also available. It’s not a Medicare agency, but a private pay home care service that boasts of one of the most competitive rates in the state.

“We offer more than just a ‘warm body’ service,” Phillips said. “If a client wants to go fishing, we’ll find a way to take him fishing. If they want to talk, we talk. Many times, our elderly are lonely. They are falling through the cracks, and what we offer is quality of life. We offer a friend.”

The employees at Generations undergo strenuous background checks, Lewis said. In addition, all employees must show a desire to “serve,” not just work.

“That’s our promise: we provide the absolute best care at the absolute best price,” Lewis said. “It is our belief that our generation owes the generation that came before us. That is our heartfelt mission.”

For more information, call Generations Home Care at 405-651-8462 or visit their website

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