H&G: Walking the Walk

These days, the trend is “green”. Not the minty hue of dollar bills, more along the lines of your carbon footprint shade of green. With increasing attention being focused on energy conservation, experts say it is more important than ever to think about our personal impact on the earth.

One Edmond businessman has taken energy conservation a step further by designing a home that serves not only as a highly functional living space, but as a model example for everyone who visits, that green living is not only possible, green is great.

Paul Conrady has owned Edmond Security Inc. for the past 30 years. “I recently made some changes in my office that gave me the opportunity to build a house that I’ve wanted to build for 20 years,”
he says.

His desire to become a pioneer and build a home with groundbreaking green design began to take shape when Conrady learned of ICF construction – Insulated Concrete Form. This particular element consists of foam blocks with concrete poured inside, essentially giving a home a 13-inch wall, according to Conrady. Benefits of ICF include keeping indoor temperatures more constant and the air cleaner.

The walls were only the beginning. Conrady then formulated a plan to include green design tactics for everything from the flooring and windows, to the materials used within the home.

Though the house serves as an superb living space for Conrady and his family, “I built it as a model home and classroom to teach other people how to build green,” he says.

In preparation to put his plan into action, Conrady and his wife attended green festivals all over the country for three years prior to the construction of their home.“I had a pretty good i