Media Maniacs

This isn’t a rags to riches story. Mainly because the stars of this story didn’t exactly begin in rags, and have not yet ended in riches.

But for local TV personalities Lucas Ross, Ryan Bellgardt and Anthony Sedlacek, no matter where they end up once the final stage is set, it’s not about the money.

Two Movie Guys
Ross and Bellgardt, who star as Edmond’s local “Two Movie Guys” on Channel OK-43 say it’s all about having fun and doing what they love.

The Two Movie Guys’ comedy skits range anywhere from posing as brides in light saber battles (a spoof on the movie Bride Wars), to explaining Angelina Jolie’s special effects in a deliberately low-tech way that has viewers busting at their seams.

“We just have fun doing it. … It’s about trying to be funny and make people laugh. We’re like little kids playing with a video camera and instead of getting to show it to the whole family, we get to show it to the whole state,” says Ross, who describes himself as the “deer in the headlights” of the pair, while Bellgardt is the “loose canon.”

The duo even filmed an episode with Conan O’Brien and two of their videos have been featured on Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die website.

Ross graduated from Oklahoma Christian University and studying for a year in California, where he interned for That 70s Show and Grounded for Life. Ross met up with Bellgardt at Channel 43 where the 20-somethings teamed up as the “Two Movie Guys.” Edmond Memorial High School graduate Bellgardt is also the production manager with Boiling Point Media, and creator of the well-known Edmond Hyundai jingle.

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