Lunch with an Oklahoma City Marketing Consultant

Edmond OutlookI had an interesting lunch with Gary Owen last week. Gary is an advertising consultant for some of our Edmond Outlook magazine clients. Gary’s company primarily provides TV & Radio creative and media buying services. He’s freely admits that he’s not a big “print design guy” but he has recommended our monthly publication to several of his clients looking to expand their Oklahoma City marketing campaigns into print advertising.

Why does Gary recommend us? That’s why I took him to lunch. So over a tasty Ciabatta sandwich (I’d mention the restaurant but they don’t advertise with us) I listened to him explain why he recommends the Edmond Outlook over other print advertising.


Gary is also a web design client of ours. We host his website. In fact, a few years back,  we rescued his website from an Oklahoma City web design firm that closed up shop and left dozens of their clients stranded without access to their websites. Long story short: We took over Gary’s downed website and got it live again in record time and he’s be