BUSINESS: Versa Lift

Steve Davidson of Versa LiftAs wreaths and decorative snow
villages once again find their way into storage bins and make their annual
migration back to the garage, our sights turn to clutter-free visions of
grandeur for our homes in the New Year. All that stands between us and that tidy
freedom is the foreboding attic ladder. What comes down must go up—it’s the
homeowner’s law of relativity, a reluctant reality.

Scaling a narrow ladder with a
bulky box in tow is ripe for mishap. With more than 164,000 emergency
room-treated injuries relating to ladders in the United States each year,
according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, the rickety attic
ladder is as much a hazard as an inconvenience.

Thanks to the ingenuity and
invention of Tom and Richard Byers of Oklahoma City, shoving your belongings up
an attic ladder is no longer a homeowner’s best option. As Steve Davidson,
President of Oklahoma City Versa Lift Systems, observes, “Many homebuilders are
increasingly installing the attic storage lift in custom homes. In five to ten
years,” Davidson believes, “the attic lift will be a standard feature in

Easily fitted for existing homes
and businesses, Versa Lift is a powerful electric platform that holds up to 200
or 250 pounds of storage items and remains out of sight in the attic until
needed. At the push of a button, the platform comes down and stops
automatically when it reaches the garage floor. Items are loaded onto the
platform and lifted into the attic at another push of a button. Since the
device stops flush with the attic floor, boxes slide easily onto decked attic
space. A self-closing ceiling door keeps the system safely hidden from view.

The affordable attic lift
installs easily within several hours. According to Davidson, nearly 75% of
customers choose to install it themselves.

The pioneering device has
numerous residential and commercial uses for customers nationwide. Customers
range from rock star motorcades who use Versa Lift as a dumbwaiter to tote
items from the garage to an upstairs kitchen, to attorneys, manufacturers and
home crafters who use the lift to haul important documents and spare parts to
storage areas.

Davidson remarks that “no one is
ever sorry they bought it and most customers wish they’d done it ten years

For more information, contact
Versa Lift Systems in Oklahoma City at (405) 516-2412 or visit

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