BUSINESS: NTouch Therapeutic Massage

Gwen Wright of NTouch MassageDriving around Edmond, one can
see a different massage clinic, parlor or spa on almost every corner or strip
mall. However, if you pull into NTouch Therapeutic Massage at 2nd and Bryant,
you will be surprised at what you find inside.

Gwen Wright started NTouch two
and a half years ago with the idea of providing a more holistic approach to
pain management through massage. Wright is nationally board certified in
massage and focuses her business on a variety of medical and therapeutic
massage techniques. There are four other certified massage therapists working
with Wright at NTouch, each with a different specialization.

NTouch offers a variety of
massages such as deep tissue, Swedish, myofacial release, pre-natal, sauna,
neuromuscular, hydrotherapy and more. What makes this massage clinic unique is
that most of her clients are referred to NTouch by doctors, chiropractors,
physical therapists or other healthcare officials.

Many people wonder how massage
therapy relates to wellness. NTouch offers massages that can help with
circulation, edemas, liver and kidney problems, the lymphatic system and more.
While other clinics may focus on getting you to relax, NTouch studies the
technical and medical side of massage and how it can work to help the body
manage pain.

In addition to traditional and
therapeutic massage, Wright has also recently opened the Oklahoma Infant
Massage Institute, which is partnered with OU Medical Center in Edmond. This
institute offers a five-week course where new parents can learn massage
techniques for their infants. Wright is a certified instructor in infant
massage and offers instruction and guidance in understanding infants’ cries, body
language, sleep patterns and eating habits.

“The babies run the class”
according to Wright. The instructors don’t handle the infant themselves; they
use a life-size model to show what techniques to use while the parents work
with the infants. Parent-to-child interaction allows for bonding time between
parents and their newborns.

Between NTouch Therapeutic
Massage and the Oklahoma Infant Massage Institute, Wright has her hands full.
She enjoys the challenge of meeting the community’s needs through the
businesses and is always looking for ways to expand and grow.

For more information, call NTouch
at 405-330-1311 or visit For infant massage, call 405-330-5780 or

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