BOE: Smooth Finish, Inc.

Oklahoma’s diverse weather patterns include high winds, hailstorms and tornadoes. These often have Oklahomans running for shelter. But when the dust settles and damages are assessed, many find their shelter in need of repair. Dennis Helm, owner of Smooth Finish Roofing, Inc. in Edmond, has more than 16 years experience in the industry and with 24 years of dealing with insurance claims, he “knows what it takes to get the job done.”

In 1987, Helm started a painting company working strictly with roofers. While working with the “biggest premiere provider in OKC doing work for

the largest insurance carriers in the state,” Helm realized he had learned to roof. “This company trained us and put my best friend and me in charge of the roofing division. One thing I learned … was how to deal with insurance claims and how they operate.”

Incorporating in 1994, Smooth Finish Painting/Construction became Smooth Finish Roofing in 2002 and began handling everything related to insurance claims: roofing, guttering, siding, windows and painting. “My customers like me working on their behalf to get them everything they’re entitled to. They’ve paid their premiums and they should get things back to original or better.” said Helm.

As a roofer, Helm has seen his share of storms and how they’ve proven his success. “In June of 2010, a flood, later called the 500-year flood, ruined a lot of houses. We didn’t have one phone call due to a leaky roof. I checked on some of my customers and they declared no leak,” said Helm. He gives credit to “the best hand-picked crews ever.” “It’s reassuring to me that my crews are trustworthy, hardworking and do it right the first time. I oversee the jobs but they don’t need me to, they’re that good.” 

Helm recalls how one storm in February 2009 changed his life and how he views his business. “I’d just finished a roofing job when the tornado sirens went off. We were trying to get away from the tornado and ended up across from Lake Hefner. It was heading toward my home when I called my wife telling her to get the kids in the closet. As soon as she shut the door the tornado started rattling the house and tried to suck them out of the closet. A birdbath suddenly shattered the window and the tornado jumped and moved on. We know that God showed up.”

“What’s changed in me is before I represented a company or myself, I wanted the money. Now I want to help people, to give back what I’ve been given. I still get paid but it’s not just about the money. Please call today and we will gladly serve you.”

For more information, call 409-HELM (4356) or visit

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