ART: Edmond Poet Rediscovers Love of Words

Candace Liger

Candace Liger nearly gave up on

Although the cadence and rhythm
of words has danced through her blood for most of her life, Liger’s affair with
poetry has all the signs of a rocky relationship. Poetry has brought her joy,
has comforted her in times of need, has disappointed and angered her and, at
one point, it betrayed her.

But now, the Edmond college
student and mother of two is redefining her journey in the world of poetry.
Enrolled at the University of Central Oklahoma, Liger is ready to leave the
wild world of Slam Poetry behind to return to a writing style that’s more in
tune with her soul—with what her father would have wanted. “I put my writing on
hold,” said the former Worldpulp Slam Champion. “I wasn’t being true to

Candace Liger was born and
raised Delta-Greenville, Mississippi, and watched as her father created poetry.
He wrote into wooden slats, shellacked them and sold those words from the back
of a truck. As she grew, she would contribute to his art, writing pieces of
poetry herself. “When I turned about 12