An Artist’s Eye

Tammy Brummell

Like a person, art has many
layers. You can look at something or someone and think you know what you see,
that is, until you look deeper. Perhaps no one understands this better than
local artist Tammy Brummell. Her work is both an image of immediate beauty and
a lure into the depths of an idea or a past. Often, it is transportation to
another world. For Brummell, who has made a career as a graphic designer and an
artist, the dedication to her work and the challenges she has overcome are
deeply ingrained in her layers.

“I’ve always loved art. My
brother always painted and I really loved that. I went to school to be a
graphic designer so, while doing that, I wanted to create a unique style using
a computer and making art, not just graphics,” Brummell says of blending the
business with the creative when it comes to graphic design.

Tammy BrummellHowever she is modest in her
methods and often struggles with an artist’s version of writer’s block. Many of
the challenges she faces relate to motivation. “I go through periods of having
difficulty getting started because I don’t always have a set idea. Sometimes I
just have to start without an idea