BUS: Memorial Road Church of Christ

Written by Morgan Day in the May 2017 Issue

Summer boredom takes a back seat to service, worship, and fun with friends thanks to the numerous summertime activities for children offered through Memorial Road Church of Christ in Edmond.

The church, at 2221 East Memorial Road, offers everything from vacation Bible school to camps, mission trips, retreats and service projects throughout the summer, as well as year-round classes and programs for all ages.

“We care deeply about the spiritual formation of our kids and we think that happens in lots of different ways, from the classroom setting to hands-on experiences, to serving others and time doing fun stuff with friends,” said Andy Lashley, MRCC involvement and communications minister. “We feel like that takes on lots of different looks, so we try to offer a robust lineup of activities and classes to help kids learn in their different learning styles and show them that people care about them and God loves them.”

This year, MRCC has put a year-long focus on short-term mission projects and programs. The church just launched GoMission, an initiative that Lashley hopes will spur 2,000 members to complete short-term missions with non-profits, ministries and missionaries both here in the Oklahoma City area and in places around the world.

“We feel like if we’re not getting outside of our walls here, we’re not living our mission,” he said. “We want to be a part of our community, a part of our town — to make a positive impact on our world — and just do good things for people. That’s part of our core mission, to be loving people and to be loving God.”

Lashley said many families are drawn to Memorial Road Church of Christ because of the diverse programming; its ability to maintain the feeling of a small, family-focused church as the congregation continues to grow; and its strong outward focus.

“We take care of each other, and that’s hugely important so that we’re equipped to get outside our walls and interact with other people and serve other people.”

Visit mrcc.org or call (405) 478-0166 to learn more about Memorial Road Church of Christ.

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