The Top 2017 Must-Have Summer Styles

fashionFashion trends are heating up to cool you off. The summer trends for 2017 range from stripes to khaki to light-infused colors like sunshine yellow and candy pink. There are styles making a comeback and styles forging their own path, so what styles are the ones to pay special attention to this summer?

We asked Edmond experts in fashion, jewelry, and hair to give us the must-haves. If you can enjoy any styles this summer, these are the ones to catch your eye.


Pam Orendorff, Hip & Swanky

   •  Denim or chambray tops and dresses. It’s cool. It’s casual. It’s here.

   •  Cold shoulder tops will be peeking out all summer.

   •  Give your feet a kick with lace-up booties.

   •  Celebrate the summer blooms with fashionable florals.

   •  Give your white jeans a modern flare.

   •  This summer’s go-to color will be making you blush.


heart necklace  


Jill Haney, The Vintage Pearl

   •  Make it personal. Jewelry with messaging continues to speak volumes.

   •  Mixed metal pieces – sterling, gold