The Golf Game You Should Be Playing

There are fewer boundaries in golf than in most sports. No out of bounds. No fouls. Just trees and mud and water and sand tempting you to challenge them. And, yet, every golfer brings his own set of restrictions to the course. Either in his head or in his swing. So, how do you remove those restrictions? 


Andy Dillard, also known as “Bib” on the PGA Tour, spent 20 years playing professional golf at places like Pebble Beach, known for its bewitching 18th hole next to the Pacific Ocean. He’s played with golf legends like Payne Steward, as well as The Golden Bear himself, Jack Nicklaus.


 If you want to open your golf game to a whole new level of satisfaction and achievement, here are Andy’s seven tips to get you playing the golf game you should be playing.


1 Expect nothing and everything. 

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