Sweet Adelines

Have you ever listened in awe to the harmony of a barbershop quartet? The blend of voices, the magic of intermingling leads, tenors, baritones and basses? It has an audible overtone that sends chills up your spine.

O.K. City Chorus, a chapter of Sweet Adelines, one of the top performing groups in Oklahoma, brings music to life. “Our four-part a cappella harmony has garnered rave reviews at concerts and corporate events for fifty years,” said Nancy Nortz, their Marketing Coordinator.

Sweet Adelines International has 600 chapters of female singers in five continents, divided into thirty regions around the world. There are two primary performances available—chorus and quartets.

“I’m a third generation barbershopper myself,” said Nortz. “Both of my parents sang, and three brothers still sing in barbershop quartets. I didn’t start until after I was forty years old because of a busy lifestyle, but once I started I loved it.”

Nortz says her daughter is also involved. “While [she] was in college, her group won the international contest for the “Rising Stars,” a Sweet Adelines quartet for members under 25 years old. Their members were 15 to 17 years old and scored a perfect score in every category. It’s still a record!”

Competition, which focuses on a few songs practiced over and over to perfection, is different from performances. “We compete in a five state area,” said Nortz. “Our chapter has won eighteen times in regional competition and we’re currently preparing for the International Competition in Hawaii. We’ve consistently placed in the top ten internationally.”

Nortz says it will take a year to prepare for the competition in Hawaii. “Besides practicing, we have fund raising. The cost of ta