A New Ice Age & Quickly Changing Oil

Arctic Edge Ice Arena

Winter or summer, the Arctic Edge Ice Arena is a busy place. “People may think that we’re just an ice skating rink,” said owner, Darryl Rowley, “but under this roof, there is always something going on.”

Some of the things going on are birthday parties, figure skating, broomball, open public skating, learning how to skate lessons and kids first hockey lessons. In fact, there is something for just about everyone. “For some of the adults, the hardest part is just coming in the door,” said Rowley. “Once here, they become comfortable pretty quick.”

The facility recently faced a very real but good problem. “Due to all the programs that we have going on we needed a second rink,” he said. “We just opened our second sheet of ice and this has really freed us up to expand some of our programs.”

The new rink, located at the same facility, is somewhat different than the old one in that underneath it exists about twelve miles of tubing to circulate the necessary refrigerants to keep it iced all year long. Another difference about the new rink is that the underneath has a concrete surface rather than sand. “The benefit to concrete is that we can melt down the ice and host dry floor events such as roller hockey, indoor soccer and basketball,” said Rowley.

In addition to having the ability to host dry floor events, having a second ice rink allows for the possible expansion of the ever-popular Canadian sport of curling. “I’m from Canada, and back home curling is big,” Rowley said. “When I first mentioned throwing rocks down the ice and sweeping it with a broom, nobody knew what I was talking about. That seems to be changing.”

And for some of us, one of the most exciting features about a hockey rink is the Zamboni. With each pass of the vehicle, the Zamboni shaves the ice, picks up the loose shavings and then spreads out water from the on-board 200-gallon tank. The entire process takes about 15 minutes and when complete the ice is ready for more skating.

Arctic Edge will have another year of summer sports camp this year, hosting 75-100 participants daily. Camp activities include basketball, ice skating, swimming, kick boxing, ballroom dancing and gymnastics. The arena has a video arcade, concession stand and a fully stocked pro shop. There are state of the art sound systems in the ice arenas, and a big screen T.V. plays during public skating. “It’s a fun place,” said Rowley. “Something here for everyone.”

Log onto www.arctic-edge.com or call 748-5454 for more information about summer camps or schedules for public skating, hockey and figure skating.

Porter’s Quick Change Oil

Are you in need of an oil change from a business that understands the importance of honesty, integrity and the value of your time? If so, there is one place in Edmond that truly understands the needs of their customers. The place is Porter’s Quick Change Oil, and they are located at 2625 Broadway Court. This month Porters will be celebrating their tenth anniversary.

“I have been around cars all of my life, either working or racing them, so this just kind of came naturally.” said owner, Greg Porter.

Growing up, Porter was always building small engines or working on race cars. It is safe to say that he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty while fixing a problem. It could also be said that he is not a 9 to 5, behind a desk type either.

“Well, I might be more successful if I was, but this is in my blood and I enjoy the benefits of being able to help the customers of the shop.”

While Porter has been quite successful over the last ten years, he is well aware of what is the most important aspect of his company. “Honesty, without a doubt. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I thought that I had done a customer wrong,” he said. “Truthfully, I would like to see you take care of your car at the best price that you can.”

Porter’s is open from 8-6 Monday through Friday and 8-2 on Saturday. It is during the closed hours that Porter enjoys another passion of his life—drag racing. “Been doing it for seven years and it’s a great time,” he said. “We are building a new car that should be done in May so we are really excited about competing this year.”

And what would make this year of drag racing complete? “A win,” answered Porter.

However, it is during the open hours of Porter’s Quick Change Oil that engine flushes, new tires, transmission services, and many other automotive services are conducted. “Throughout the years, we have had so many repeat customers that we really get to know them, and this gives them and us a very real, more human side of the business,” he said. “I really enjoy that part.”

If you’re in need of vehicle maintenance, see Greg Porter or call 348-6400.

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