Sandi Patty’s Great Gratitude

Sandi Patty

Sandi Patty, renowned singer, songwriter, author, and Grammy and Dove award winner many times over, has again landed in the spotlight. Only this time, it’s not for her incredible voice and stellar performances. In March, Patty tested positive for COVID-19. 

She had been traveling the week prior to her illness and assumes she picked up the virus at an airport. Her first symptoms presented with a cough and inability to take a deep breath along with body aches. “My skin actually hurt,” said Patty, “and it felt like someone pushed an elbow into my sternum. It felt like weights all over my body.” Her doctor insisted she test for COVID-19 and found that she and her husband, Don Peslis, were both positive but did not require hospitalization. 

Patty says she can definitely see how this could wreak havoc for someone with a pre-existing condition, saying it’s easy to underestimate it. She urges everyone to follow the CDC guidelines, saying you can be a carrier and not know it. She also has great compassion and concern for health workers. “If me staying home, social distancing, and wearing a mask will keep just one health care worker from getting sick, it’s worth it. We can’t afford our front liners to get sick.” 

One statistic suggests that 78% of people don’t know anyone personally with the virus, and because of that, some tend to believe the crisis isn’t real. Patty suggests putting a face to the illness and says if she can be that face then that is helpful.

Patty and her husband are now five weeks symptom-free but are so thankful for the support they received from friends and their church family. Someone was often dropping off food so she wouldn’t have to cook while feeling so ill. They might get a text saying, “I left some chicken soup at the curb.” She laughed and said, “Of course they knew we were home.” 

Their faith is definitely their foundation, says Patty who is intrigued with Bible stories. She likes to tell how Noah’s 40 days on the ark were just the storm, not the aftermath. Noah’s family actually spent twelve and half months in the ark. But one verse that is especially dear to her says, And God remembered Noah. “We will have an aftermath of this storm,” says Patty.  “But God has given faith and wisdom. We have to be wise and good stewards of the situation.” 

Patty and her husband are sheltering-in-place at home, seeing this as a way to care for others as well as themselves. “Love means fighting for the highest good in another,” says Patty. “That’s how we can love our neighbor.” She also states that this pandemic has made them more mindful of little things and they have great gratitude. 

The couple is also celebrating the recent birth of their 5th grandchild whom they will visit when it is safe. But for now, these grandparents are doing FaceTime with their newest little angel. 

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