Rehab Referrals is an intervention service for drug addicts. Daniel, who works with the rehabilitation service, gets calls from all over the country. He listens. He helps. He cares.

“About two years ago my little sister, Holly, got arrested with a large amount of methamphetamine,” said Daniel. “I was terrified for her. But what could I do? I was caretaker for my elderly parents at the time and they asked me to help.”

Daniel’s family raised money for bail, hired an attorney, and searched the Internet. They asked friends about treatment programs. Things they had never done before.

“Most programs we located were enormously expensive and very short term,” said Daniel. “And many had very low success rates.”

Most people aren't aware of the statistics, but according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in 2004, one out of every four 8th graders had used illicit drugs. The trend worsens as teens get older. By 10th grade, drug use doubled.

“There is a drug and alcohol problem seething through the country,” said Daniel. “It’s here in Edmond and it’s the root cause of many other societal problems. Many people don’t know where to go for help. Some have gone through rehab after rehab and spent lots of money.”

Daniel says people may take drugs to get rid of unwanted situations or feelings. Drugs can be a temporary mask. Holly’s addiction started that way.

“The drugs began when her soon-to-be husband was killed on a motorcycle right before her eyes. The bull rider was doing a wheelie and hit a mailbox. That [incident] threw Holly into depression,” said Daniel.

Peer pressure is also tough. Kids follow their friends, older relatives and cousins when they say, “Hey, try this.” The kids don’t know the danger but Daniel believes that parents can make a difference by giving them the information. The key is knowing the facts and what drugs do to a person. Drugs are poisonous. At high levels any drug can be toxic.

“People don’t know that when they take a drug the chemicals overpower the brain,” said Daniel. “They don’t feel normal without the drug. It alters the mind, like a child spinning in a circle.”

“I found a rehab place called Narconon," said Daniel. "Their success ratio is over 70 percent. They said they could give my little sister her life back, and just as they promised, they did,” said Daniel.

Narconon’s philosophy is to eliminate physical cravings through weeks of detox, to get the drugs out of the system. Some drugs are said to be stored in the fat cells. Narconon also builds up the body through vitamins, which may be lacking in addicts. At the same time they teach ‘life skills’ which address the issues that lead to drug abuse in the first place.

“My sister had to sell her house, but it was worth it. She got clean and ended up working for the program,” said Daniel. “It would be great to have an operation that funds drug rehabilitation for those who can’t afford it.”

“My brother saved my life when he helped me to go to drug rehab,” said Holly. “Now he spends his time helping others with a free rehabilitation referral service in Edmond.”

“When my dad passed away earlier this year, it changed my life,” said Daniel. “I had worked at driving trucks, construction, sales, but when that happened I decided I needed to put any talents to good use.”

The two siblings now work together. “Normally, when I get a call, it’s the family of the addict. They need to talk to some one who has been there. I get lots of tears and I help make the right referral,” said Daniel. "But sometimes the addict calls. If intervention is needed, Holly will talk to them on the phone and maybe fly [there] and take them to rehab.”

“If you have a loved one with a substance abuse problem, get help right now,” said Daniel. “If we’d been able to help Holly before arrests it would have saved untold trouble and thousands [of dollars.] An adult needs their family’s support close by but a child may need to be sent far away,” he added.

“Don’t wait until it is too late, like a young woman that entered the program. She snuck out the first night and the police brought her back that afternoon. She had overdosed and laid down on the couch and died,” said Daniel.

Daniel and Holly’s mission through is to provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation referral assistance nationwide. “We’ll continue to do this as long as we can.”

You can reach Daniel by email at or call toll free at 1-866-648-7609.

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