A Fisher Named Hunter

When young Hunter Reilley told his mom he wanted to go fishing, she never imagined just how hooked he would get on the idea. Since spring, 12-year-old Hunter won two local fishing tournaments and now has his sights set on a state and world championship. Thanks to an organization called Junior Bass Master, he also has learned the meaning of sportsmanship, the importance of conservation and the joy of helping others.

"He's a natural," said Hunter's mother, Robin Reilley. "He can be fishing with ten other guys that aren't catching a thing and Hunter will be catching one after another. Everybody's using the same equipment, same bait, same everything, but Hunter will outfish the others nearly every time."

When Hunter's mother realized her son had a "God given talent," she surfed the web for an organization that would support her son's passion for fishing. She found Bass Masters Junior, the youth division of B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportman Society) Federation Nation. The nationwide organization has an Oklahoma club, North Oklahoma City Bass Master, where junior members can compete in smaller tournaments on Oklahoma lakes. Winners go on to compete in the state championship and then on to the world championship.

The young anglers are divided into two age categories, 11 – 14 and 15 – 18. Reilley says her son is the only one in his age group who has won two tournaments. Hunter also is currently in good standing to be named Junior Bass Master's Angler of the Year and Member of the Year.

"When Hunter was born a little early, we hadn't chosen a name for him," said Reilley. "Since our family is big into hunting and fishing, we decided to call him Hunter. Our family jokes that if we had only known then what we do now, we definitely would have named him