Our Veterans Need Your Help

The Disabled American Veterans Transportation Network is in need of your help. They are short volunteer drivers and donations to
keep this program running.
 The Problem – In the Spring of 1987 the Veterans
Administration (VA) stopped reimbursing Veterans for the costs of
transportation to and from the VA medical centers. The move was made
necessary by Congressional budget cuts, and thousands of our US Veterans
were left stranded or completely cut off from proper medical care. Many
of our US Veterans need treatment for service connected disabilities.
The Need – Many of these Veterans live on small fixed
incomes, and many are many miles from a VA facility. Paying their own
travel costs is a hardship on our Veterans when their money is needed to
pay for shelter and food. Many of our Veterans simply give up on
medical care they need and earned. 
The DAV Solution  – Immediately upon hearing of the
benefit cuts, the DAV organized a Nationwide Transportation Program. There are Hospital Service Coordinators (HSC’s) covering this program at
more than 180 VA medical facilities and clinics all over our nation.
Here in Oklahoma we have four main HSC’s.
When they do not have drivers, then the vans do not run, then our Veterans
cannot get in to be seen by their doctor. Many of our Veterans do not
have any other way to the medical facility than the DAV vans.
With the growing number of wounded and disabled Veterans returning
to Oklahoma from our current conflict the need is greater