MY OUTLOOK: Josh Hargis, Mr. Yeti’s Snowballs

What made you decide to start selling snowballs?

Our non-profit, AgVocates For Exceptional Individuals, wanted to diversify our revenue stream from relying on donations and grants. After looking at multiple different business models, I landed on Snowballs. These things run at a 90% profit margin—that’s crazy. It’s highly profitable and that money could really help our programs grow.

Josh Hargis, Owner of Mr. Yeti's Snowballs

What’s the best part about running a snowball stand?

It’s a great atmosphere. People are always so excited when they come to Mr. Yeti’s. 

How many flavors do you have?

We have 24 flavors. All pure cane sugar—no high fructose corn syrup. We also have sugar free options and are looking at adding a few gluten free flavors to better serve our customers. 

What’s your favorite flavor?

Easy. Peach with Creamy Cream. All day. Root beer with Vanilla might be second. 

Do you have any special flavor combinations, what are they?

Yeti Juice. It’s kind of a tropical flavor with some Piña Colada, Banana, and Lime. It’s great.

What’s your most popular/requested flavor?

Tiger’s Blood, Grape, or Cherry.

What’s the oddest combination someone has asked for?

Frog Spit. Still don’t know what that is. 

How many pounds of ice do you go through in a day?

It just depends. If we are set up at a busy festival, we can go through 30-50 blocks. That’s a lot of ice. 

Why do you think snowballs are so fun?

I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation for the magic in a snowball, but all I know for a fact is that they make people happy. Seriously-—try being mad and eating a Yeti-sized Peach with Creamy Cream….it’s impossible. 

Do you park at a particular location or do you travel around?

Both. We have four trailers franchised right now and the proprietors go to different events and festivals across Oklahoma. 

What’s the difference between a snowball and a snow cone?

New Orleans invented shaved ice. Their SnoBall stands are incredible. We simply took what they were doing down there and brought it back home to OK. It’s a super fine and fluffy ice that is like snow. We also use the pure cane syrups from down there. A snow cone is what the majority of flavored ice vendors have across Oklahoma—it is a coarse ice that is crunchy.

Agvocates volunteer with childHow do you get the perfect ice to flavor ratio?

The key is our ice shaver. It’s the best on the market, and it makes super-fine, powdery snow. It allows the syrup to be distributed evenly unlike the shavers that make crunchy snow cones. Crunchy ice lets a lot of the syrup go to the bottom of the cup.

Tell us about AgVocates.

AgVocates is a non-profit (501c3) that uses live animals to teach children with special needs life skills, social concepts, and communication competencies. We have a program called The Teacher’s Pets that is a mobile animal therapy program with social and emotional curriculum. The Teacher’s Pets program travels to schools and teaches interactive lessons that focus on health and nutrition, self-regulation, fine motor skills and many more goals and objectives. Revenue generated from Mr. Yeti’s will go directly towards operating our programs. 

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Just know if you see that super cool Mr. Yeti logo, you can be guaranteed a great snowball and that your money is going to support a wonderful organization that helps kids across the country.

Learn more about AgVocates and The Teacher’s Pets program at

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