MY EO: Trudy Roberts

trudy roberts

Name: Trudy Roberts, Grandmother Extraordinaire

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I grew up in Oklahoma City, the third of four girls, married when I was 20
and had four children.

When did you move to Edmond?

I remarried in 1981 and moved to Edmond with my husband Jim and his four
children – together with my four children. And I can tell you, eight is definitely enough!

Did you go to college?

Yes I went to OSU ’56-’58 and was actually a cheerleader there, then graduated from UCO
with a teaching degree. I taught elementary school for four years before having children.

Eight kids – so that must mean you have a lot of grandchildren now?

Yes, I have 26 grandkids and six great grandkids and they are wonderful.

So, are holidays pretty crazy?

I love to decorate and plan events so it’s a lot of fun. At Christmas, we rent a place and all the children act out the Nativity story in costumes. Sometime’s we’ll do a theme. Like one year I handpainted full-size custom tee-pees for each family with all their gifts inside. This year I think
we might do come as your favorite movie. For Easter one year we had miniature horses pulling
a wagon and all the kids got to take a ride.

Did you say handpainted tee-pees? Are you a painter?

Yes, I’ve always loved to paint. I used to do posters and advertising for
companies. These days I take art classes at my friend Sue Rice’s house.

Any other fun and quirky things you used to do or do now?

Well, I used to put on fashion shows for department stores. And I’ve
sewn dresses for dress shops. I play piano by ear and I’ve sang in a
traveling choir that toured and performed in old cathedrals in and
around London. I’ve also been known to be a bit of a pool shark.

Where else have you traveled?

Jim and I just got back from Greece and we visited the Island of Santarina which was just beautiful. We’ve
been to Alaska and Switzerland and Istanbul, Turkey.
They have a mall there with 3,000 shops. Heaven!

What’s your favorite part about Edmond?

I love all the special events like Crazy Daze,
arts & crafts shows, the Farmers Market,
the Card Board Boat Regatta and
parades. I have a great group of
friends that love to shop, attend
weekend retreats, art classes
and church functions and of
course we love going
out to eat!

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