Look What a Decade Can Do

In 2000, Edmond residents approved
a sales tax to be dedicated to capital projects, police and fire. 
Residents trusted city leaders to make good on the promise of increased
police and fire protection, improvements to area parks, widening and
improvement of roads – along with a host of other projects.  A
decade later, it is time to see if that trust was well-placed.   

Let’s look at some of the projects
slated to be funded by that sales tax.

Importantly, enhanced fire and
police service was at the top of the list.  Now, ten years later,
we have constructed fire station #5 and a new Fire Administration
Center.  We have expanded our police training facilities. 
And we have increased staff to add needed officers and firefighters. 
Specifically, Edmond asked for increased staffing for Fire Station #5
and for more officers to handle the increased demand caused by traffic
incidents.  We have accomplished those four goals. 

Put a checkmark by those four top

Second, Edmond residents wanted
parks, trails, and amenities at these parks – specifically an outdoor
aquatic center, land for another community park, and a recreation center

with an indoor pool.  Fast forward to 2010 – Edmond is now home
to Pelican Bay, an outdoor water playground that sees capacity crowds
every summer since construction.  Our trail system has been increased
by miles, with more in the planning stages.  We have a new dog
park, and land for a fourth community park.  As for recreation,
look no further than Mitch Park, at our new MAC. This recreation center

is home to our senior center, as well as many other community events
like Arbor Day. 

As for the indoor pool facility, Edmond

is moving forward on the design and plans.  Located next to the
MAC, this indoor facility will hopefully bring together a host of
both public and private.   Blending private resources with
Edmond’s taxpayer dollars will result in a swimming and multipurpose
recreation facility that will serve both old and young.  Again,
taxpayers asked for this with their “yes” votes – and we are moving
forward on it.

Out of five items on the voter list,
three are complete and two are in progress.  Check, check, and

Another promise in that 2000 election
was the promise of improvements in Edmond’s downtown.  Since
that vote, we have completed streetscapes, adding not only beautiful
sidewalks and trees, but also the lovely public art. 

Check that one off the list. 

Last, but certainly not least was the
promise of better roads and traffic improvement.  While many of
us will agree that Edmond’s growth outpaced its roads, a look back
at the major projects completed since 2000 shows that Edmond leaders
have used available tax funds to use, methodically moving down the list
of priority road projects working towards this goal. 

Recently opened is Covell at Broadway. 

After 18 months of construction, including redesign of Broadway and
the railroad crossing, Covell is opened and traffic is moving smoothly

Kelly Parkway, from 33rd
to 15th, was completed for better flow in and out of Edmond. 

Numerous roads have been resurfaced and reconstructed.  Danforth
has been widened from Coltrane to Faircloud.  The important 33rd

Street widening, from Kelly to Santa Fe was accomplished.  Much
of the right of way has been obtained for the next widening project
from Mitch Park to Thomas on Covell. Needed improvements on Coltrane
are now complete.  Traffic calming on several of our major intersections

has taken place, by adding turn lanes, boulevards, signals, or signs. 

There are other road projects that
are too numerous to mention is this short space – but suffice it to
say that progress has been made.  Although Edmond’s growth has
exceeded that expected for the year 2015, and growth can certainly put
pressure on infrastructure like roads, it is abundantly clear that our
Edmond tax dollars have been put to good use on these needed road

In summary, Edmond residents certainly
chose wisely.  Their tax dollars were spent as they directed, and
have funded projects that enhance our Edmond quality of life. 
The dollars have accomplished much. 

Just look at what a decade can do. 


Patrice Douglas, Mayor


Posted: May 06, 2010 from www.edmondok.com

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