What’s Your Number?

What’s your number?

No, it’s not a bad pick up line… I’m talking about your zip code
Those basic 5 digit codes that tell all Oklahoman’s more than
simply what city they call home – but what part of town is their
“comfort zone”.

Edmond Outlook is proud to run a transparent and honest magazine. All 5
zip codes within the “Comfort Zone” of Edmond, Oklahoma
are eligible to
receive a free edition each and every month, delivered conveniently
right to their mail box.

We offer proof of receipts and records at any time to our loyal
advertisers. Businesses typically see such generous results from
reaching 50,000 homes and businesses – they rarely even ask. Because
after all, the proof is in the pudding.

We’ve been in Edmond for three years
now and have tried many forms
of local advertising. The response we received from our ad in Edmond
Outlook was immediate and amazing!
It’s by far the best use of our
advertising budget to date. I wouldn’t dream of being in business
without it! – Jay Thurber, Chuck House

Advertising in the Edmond Outlook has
been a real success for us.
When we advertised a Valentine’s Day dinner special, we sold out within a
day of our ad being published
. -Larry Roades, Inspirations Gifts,
Decor & Tea Room

Our business has grown tremendously
since advertising with Edmond
Outlook. Our student base has increased 50% and our name recognition is
continuing to grow. Edmond Outlook has been the best advertising
investment we have made
since opening our studio six years ago. -Tiffany
Warford, Dance Phase

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In fact, if a resident or business owner is not
receiving their Edmond Outlook magazine, we always offer to check our
records and add their address. 🙂 New neighborhood additions pop up
every month, and Edmond is always growing to accommodate such a terrific
community! We’re happy to grow right along with it. Contact our
Managing Editor, Rebecca Wulff at any time to be added to the Edmond
Outlook family of readers.

For the record, if you live within 73003 and you enjoy reading your
monthly Edmond Outlook, you’re not alone… 8,077 of your neighbors are
getting their Around Town news from the same source you are! Not to be
outdone are the residents of Zip code 73012, who make up 8,686 of our
loyal readers.

And while 73013 is by far the largest with 16,449 readers, zip code
is not far behind with 13,098. But Edmond Outlook doesn’t
discriminate against the small guys; even zip code 73025 enjoys 3,690
issues each month. Large or small, we love them all.

If you’re interested in advertising to 50,000 readers within all 5 zip
codes of Edmond, contact Laura Beam at 405-341-5599.

If you need to be
added to the mailing list, please contact Rebecca
Rebecca@EdmondOutlook.com with your name, address, and zip code.

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