JUNE BUSINESS: Cadence Equestrian Center

In Cadence Equestrian’s summer riding program, Camp Cadence, campers learn the full spectrum when it comes to riding and caring for a horse.

Christy Buchanan, owner of Cadence Equestrian CenterBut look beyond the surface and you’ll find campers are learning so much more. Christy Buchanan, Cadence Equestrian’s owner and manager, said campers get the chance to become skilled equestrians, but they also learn leadership, discipline, self-confidence and respect as they spend their summers riding and caring for these 1,200-pound animals.

“We’ve had children who are quiet and shy and within a few days their confidence is stronger and they feel really good about themselves,” Buchanan said. “It’s very rewarding for a child. They see that great big animal that they get to groom, tack, ride and care for, and they come out of it with respect—respect for other campers and respect for nature and animals. That’s the transformation.”

Camp Cadence, now in its 10th year, offers one week courses, every week for ten weeks during the summer. Horse lovers of all skill levels are given the opportunity to learn all they can about horses—down to the colors, breeds and markings. They also learn how to ride and care for them, developing a relationship with the horse and understanding what the animal needs. The campers also get a chance to learn from equine veterinarians and farriers, go fishing and complete horse-related crafts.

The camp, located in northeast Edmond, is geared toward children ages 5-13 and offers half- and full-day sessions tailored to each child’s skill level. Cadence Equestrian also offers year-round riding lessons for kids and adults age 5 and up on safe and reliable lesson horses.

“The camps are really exciting for me because there’s nothing better than when you get those kids who have never been around a horse and you’re the very first person who teaches them about the elegant animals, giving them a foundation,” Buchanan said. “I’ve seen so many transformed kids.”

Buchanan has witnessed campers discover a passion for horsemanship and return to Camp Cadence summer after summer or even take up riding lessons and continue their passion through adulthood.

“It’s really neat when you see someone who was maybe eight when they started, and now they’re 18 and you know what it did for that child,” she said. “I know it sounds cheesy, but I do this for that reason. I wanted to create a place that was really good for families and makes a difference in children’s lives.”

Cadence Equestrian Center is located at 14150 S Pine St, Edmond. For more information, visit CadenceEquestrian.com or call 405-348- 7469.

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