DAVE: “How are you doing?”

A friend recently asked how I was doing and when I answered, there was some laughter. They thought my answer was “I’m normal.” Which is kind of funny. What I actually said was “I’m finding my new normal.”

For those of you following along, here’s a short list of what I’m finding. For those of you that sent cards, prayers and well wishes—thank you.

 Dave eating lunch

  •  I attended a Widower’s Coffee at a local church. I was the young whippersnapper (at 53). It was encouraging to meet some great men traveling the same path.

  •  I noticed I still refer to myself as “we” and “us.” I don’t see that going away soon. There will always be a we and us.

  •  I’ve taken over several of Sandy’s health and wellness contacts. I now use her massage person and her chiropractor.

  •  As per instructions, I’ve been spreading her ashes on my motorcycle tours. So far she’s taken up residency in Texas and Arkansas. This summer we’ll knock Colorado and Utah off the list.

  •  I’m reintegrating back into work.  I work with the finest group of designers, developers, programmers, project managers and account people in the design business.

  •  I am now well-versed and fully comfortable eating by myself at several local restaurants. It was odd the first time. I couldn’t do it, so I took my order to go and ate in Stephenson Park.

  •  I am subject to simultaneous tears and smiles at a moment’s notice. This quote did it to me yesterday:  “I thought that I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with her, but then I realized she spent the rest of her life with me.”


Life is good, but it certainly isn’t fair. Onward.

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