In Other Words with Dave


It’s been a long year away from people and events. Alison and I are eager but cautious to get out there and re-engage. We’ve been extra careful because of the cancer and my low immune system, but we’ve both been double “vaxxed,” so it begins. Some of our “new again to us” experiences include:

  • Talking to neighbors and friends without mentally measuring that 6 foot radius of safety around myself. 
  • Celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary by – gasp – dining at one of Edmond’s fancy steakhouses.  
  • Scheduling in-person, non-zoom meetings in the office again. We have a sign by the door that says “Masks Optional – Pants Required.” 
  • Visiting with my in-laws. Alison’s parents hibernated for a year at their place on the Texas Gulf. They are still the same except both of them needed haircuts. 
  • Hosting an Edmond Chamber event at our Edmond Outlook/Back40 office. The event was well attended. Some people wore masks; some people didn’t. 
  • VIBING – we are looking forward to the next VIBES event, Edmond’s First Thursdays Art Walk, on May 6th. We both need art, music and entertainment. 
  • Shopping. I’m not a big bargain shopper, but that’s my wife’s favorite sport and she came home with new shoes this weekend after a trip out. She spent a whole year without new shoes. That’s something. 
  • Meeting new people. The ratio of handshakes to fist bumps is increasing. That’s still a little weird after a year of “don’t touch me,” but the awkwardness is fading. 

Still, I don’t mind putting on a mask when someone requests it or if the situation calls for it, like my visits to Mercy. It’s not a big deal to me. I’m easy going like that.

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