In Other Words With Dave – January 2020

In Other Words With Dave

New Year, New You! Nah, I kinda like the old me. In fact, I like the old me so much – there may be more of the old me in 2020.

This year, I’m not setting myself up for any difficult resolutions or challenges. No, not for me, 2019 was hard enough. This year, I’m going to set the bar to something more attainable. I’m going to eat out more often. Seriously. If you haven’t noticed, this year is sure to usher in Edmond’s golden age of restaurants. They’re popping up everywhere.

How will I succeed in this renaissance of local flavors? Simple, by pausing my “go to” restaurants – the ones I eat at over and over. I will be exploring… dining where I have not dined before.

What? You say an exercise goal would be healthier? Hang on. Exercising is dangerous. Seriously. When was the last time you were injured in a restaurant? I’ve never pulled a muscle ordering Shrimp Cargot at Charleston’s. Or thrown my back out wolfing down some Jalapeno Meatloaf from the Meathouse. Statistically, your chances of injury are close to none. I’ve done the research. Although, truth be told – I did bite my lip once really hard at Bricktown Brewery. That was totally my fault. I didn’t properly warm up for $5 pizza night.

If you’re setting healthy goals for 2020, I apologize. Do a couple of reps or squats or some cardio for me. I’ll be right there with you soon enough – right after I’m done sampling the new and exciting fares of E-town.


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