In Other Words with Dave – Buy My Grill

I’m having the garage sale to end all garage sales. Over the past month, I’ve gone room to room, closet to closet, uncovering things I don’t use anymore. They say a good rule of thumb is “If you haven’t used it in six months – get rid of it.” What if I haven’t used the upstairs of my house in six months? Can I get rid of that? Can I just move? This is a lot of work. 

 I have set up tables arranged by categories. I have home decor, kitchen items, kid games, furniture, exercise stuff – to name a few. I am also selling some gems that defy all categories: a lawn mower blade, vintage fur coat, blow up mattress and collectible figurines. Do you love collectable figurines? Ugh. Why do they call them that? They should call them unsellable figurines. I have boxes of them from garage sales of years gone past. If you want them; I got ‘em. They’re deeply discounted. Come on down.

And who wants a Wolfgang Puck electric grill? Come on, it’s a Wolfgang Puck – is he still a thing? It even comes with a little Wolfgang Puck booklet on how to Wolfgang things. How does one attach value to such a fine piece of cookware? There’s no Kelly Blue Book for kitchen appliances, so it’s going for a few bucks. Oh, I forgot to mention… it’s reversible, one side is a grill and the other side is a griddle. Ingenious. Two grills in one. Okay, letting that go now. 

This is what it’s been like for me for the past several weeks. Assessing and agonizing over every item that I am going to part with. Lucky for me, my girlfriend Alison has been able to help me make the hard decisions. Like the letting go of the Wolfgang Puck grill – Oh, I am back there again? She has suggested I vacate the premises while she conducts the sale. She knows I may lose it if someone haggles with me over a 50 cent item. She understands I’m delicate and not built for that type of commerce. I’m a big picture guy. Smart girl that Alison.

Sale starts at 8 AM Saturday.

No early birds!



Dave Miller

Back40 Design

PresidentBuy My Grill

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