In Other Words with Dave

An award? For me? Well, thank you very much. I recently received an award for our work recording the “modern history of Edmond.” The award was from the Edmond Historical Society & Museum. Once I got word of the upcoming honor, my immediate thoughts were, “I don’t deserve this,” then “Wait, I don’t do public speeches.” I was greatly relieved when informed there would be no acceptance speeches, but instead there would be a short video prepared prior to the event. If you witnessed this video, I apologize. I truly can make full sentences and complete thoughts.

The event took place at Venue 102. Award recipients comprised an interesting cross section of our community and included musicians, volunteers, and a childcare worker.

We have a very talented team that puts the publication together every month. There’s Adrian Townsend and Anne Richardson – they put the content and advertising design. Jennay Wangen edits the publication. Angie Clemens Byers works with our advertisers. Reid Landherr takes care of our social media. Alison and I come up with the story ideas (the fun part). Marshall Hawkins shoots our photos – and has for 10-plus years. Plus our freelance writers, Maggie Murdock Nichols, Maria Veres, Amy Dee Stephens, and columnist Louise Tucker Jones. A group of true professionals. The magazine is a publication of Back40, my digital marketing agency over at Covell and Kelly.

I hope you enjoy this issue. We enjoyed putting it together. There are so many great Edmond stories out there – I don’t think we’ll run out anytime soon.

Dave Miller

Publisher & Back40 Design President

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