Bee Healthy Cafe: A Values Based Rebrand

In 2007, Cindy and Amir Alavi were riding bikes, like they often did, when Cindy started feeling ill. Soon Cindy would face a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and learn that healthy eating would be key to her quality of life and longevity. At the time, Amir was working as an independent photographer and filmmaker, and Cindy was halfway through nursing school. The two put their plans on hold and began developing recipes of their own, not knowing at the time that this would be the inspiration to open their first Health Nut Cafe.

Cody Pepper discovered Health Nut Cafe in 2015 when seeking nutritious catering options for business functions. He was an instant fan and began bringing the food home for his own family. Cody’s sons and wife Leila have food allergies and had limited options their family could enjoy when dining out. With a background in franchising and development, Cody joined with Amir and began working on a plan to expand the business with added efficiencies, more locations, and drive-throughs. The two Edmond families have decided to spread their wings and franchise under a new name.

Bee Healthy Cafe Spreads their Wings

The logo and look may have changed, but the values remain the same and are stronger than ever. “The new name, Bee Healthy Cafe, underscores our journey. Now we say, we’re the health nuts so you don’t have to be—you can just come in and be healthy. And the bee? That’s a nod to our use of honey as a sweetener instead of processed sugar and our ingredients that rely on pollinator health,” says Amir, co-founder and chief operations officer.

Health Nut Cafe’s eight, soon to be nine, metro locations began rebranding to Bee Healthy Cafe in mid-October. “We want to grow, and we want to grow with like-minded, passionate people. That’s why the franchise model makes the most sense,” says Cody Pepper, chief executive officer. “We are actively seeking partners to join us on this journey and have the opportunity to pick prime territories.”

Healthy Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Bee Healthy Cafe aims to be an alternative to underwhelming fast food and overpriced health food. They’ve made it easy to be healthy – as easy as one-two-three! Step 1: Choose what goes inside, from a variety of signature recipes like Mediterranean, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Pecan Chicken, and more. Step 2: The outside, from wrap, to melt, to salad, quinoa bowl or sandwich. Step 3: On-the-side, with healthy sides at no additional cost. Bee Healthy Cafe also serves a variety of smoothies with add-ins like vegan and whey protein, turmeric, and more. They serve locally roasted Plaid Rooster Coffee and craft espresso drinks.

Bee Healthy Cafe values transparency and quality ingredients, making it an ideal choice for those with specific dietary preferences or food allergies. With more than 65 flavor combinations, Bee Healthy Cafe offers fresh and guiltless food that’s fast and affordable.

Visit to explore the new website, brand, menu, and franchising opportunities.

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