Huss Family Miracle

When the doctors explained to Paula Huss that her baby would have to come out 14 weeks early or face possible death, she searched inward and found unexplainable peace. When the news was relayed to her husband John, in his own mind he rewound ten years to the beginning of the story.

The Huss family expected their new baby, Andrew, in November – not August. On a summer afternoon at Children's Hospital, doctors explained to the Husses that they had a choice; deliver early, or risk both of their lives. John's mind spun ten years back in time. This wasn't the first time the Husses faced this choice.

John's mind settled on the birth of his first child, Max. It was an equally terrifying time for the Husses. Paula's pregnancy with Max had also been a far cry from a walk in the park. Also at risk, Max was born 13 weeks early. At the time, there was no explanation for Max's inability to survive in the womb.

"We had absolutely no idea what was going on when Paula had this condition with Max," says John, "And sometimes ignorance is bliss."

After Max's heart rate dipped dangerously, doctors performed an emergency Cesarean section to save his life. But today, Max is a healthy, normal child—a fact that the Husses consider a blessing.

After Paula's pregnancy with Andrew followed the same trajectory as her pregnancy with Max, doctors buckled down and diagnosed Paula's condition as Preeclampsia. The malady tricks the mother's immune system into seeing the unborn baby as an invader. The mother's body goes into overdrive to reject the baby before it comes to term.

When Paula became pregnant, her doctors took precautions to avoid a similar situation with Andrew's birth. Medications abound