Down Home Derrick

Native Edmondite Devin Derrick doesn’t need a lot of attention. But he’s about to get some. He’s comfortable with himself, at ease with his place in the world and satisfied with his natural gift – the gift of voice.

An up-and-comer in the world of country music, he just signed an exclusive deal with Wal-Mart for the distribution of his newest CD, “Honkytonk Mood.” It’s produced by the Cash family. As in John Carter Cash, son of the late Johnny Cash.

“I like songs that hit home to people, whether they've been there or they've wanted to be there or they know somebody's who's been there and they can live their lives through that song,” says Derrick, “If it's a ballad they'll reminisce about somebody they've loved or an issue they've been through.”

With his Wal-Mart distribution deal, Derrick’s cemented his spot in the Big Show. “Honkytonk Mood” will be available before Christmas across the nation. After his first single, still undecided, hits the airwaves, fans won’t have any trouble finding his album.

In his live performances, Derrick moves with ease between ballads such as “Lady” and upbeat two-steppers like “Seven Nights of Lovin’.”

“Fun, uplifting songs are great,” says Derrick, “The kinds of songs where people can say, 'I'm having a bad day, but when I'm listening to this song it's good. For four minutes of my life it's going to be great day.'

Innovative and contemporary, it’s still easy to hear the roots of honkytonk in Derrick’s music. The lyrics describe timeless honkytonk themes: loves won and loves lost, being poor and finding happiness in everyday, ordinary life. Also faithful to the genre is the populist and meticulous portrayals of the working class, life on the wrong side of the tracks and kicking up heels at, of course, honkytonk joints.

The populist flavor of “Honkytonk Mood” fits hand in glove with Derrick’s attitude toward his music.

“People fire me up – people enjoying my music,” says Derrick, “And not just because it's mine or because I'm singing it. It's just that they're in the zone. They enjoy it. I would say, 'Love conquers all and music prevails.'”

“Honkytonk Mood” contains many firsts, but one stands out among the rest. At John Carter Cash’s request, Derrick recorded “Lady.” This is the song’s second recording but the first time the public will hear it. Johnny Cash first recorded it, intending it to be played at his funeral for his wife, June Carter. When she passed on first, the song was shelved until Derrick came along.

“I was doing this song, Lady, that Johnny Cash wrote and John Carter asked me to do. I had the headphones on that Johnny Cash used for his last album,” says Derrick, “I was singing into the same microphone, sitting in the same chair, looking through the same glass at John Carter and he was tearing up when I sang. That says it all right there. It was incredible.”

“Devin has an awesomely unique style about himself and his voice,” says John Carter Cash, “I’m proud of him and being a part of his new CD project. My hopes are that this new CD will open many doors for him and raise Grammy Award attention.”

Musical diversity and range prove that Derrick’s got the good stuff. He demonstrated it in spades when headlining the November 12th "Mary Kay Sponsored Country Music Awards Banquet" in Oklahoma City. Derrick’s a softie for good causes and much of the proceeds from the show went to programs dedicated to ending domestic violence.

Derrick’s opened for a number of country music’s biggest stars, including Alabama, Blake Shelton, Reba and Blackhawk. If his career continues on this trajectory, it won’t be long before those acts are opening for him.
Derrick’s next gig is in Las Vegas from December 15 – 17. He’ll be playing with Lita Ford at the Fan Fair.

For more information about Devin Derrick and his upcoming performances, log onto

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