FOOD: The Melting Pot

The Melting PotPublic fondue-ing can be a slightly intimidating experience to a first-timer, but that is part of the adventure and fun of it! Becky Chapman, owner of The Melting Pot, commented, “the first time you eat here is so different from any other restaurant.”

Everything is prepared at the table, so an average meal for two at the The Melting Pot can last an hour and half or longer. People should feel welcome to stay because as Chapman explained, “It’s a dining experience…your food and entertainment rolled into one.”

I was excited to get started on my own dining experience. Our waitress, Nancy, was like a tour guide in the land of fondues, giving us any guidance needed. She recommended the heat settings for our fondues and provided guidance whenever we seemed lost.

The opening course consisted of a fresh Caesar salad—with Parmesan, crispy croutons, pine nuts and a sweetly flavored Caesar dressing. For the second course, we ordered the spinach artichoke cheese fondue, hich included light and buttery Fontina and Butterkase cheeses which became softer and creamier as they melted in the pot.

The main event was our third course. We had trouble deciding as there were so many options: Surf and Turf, Good Earth