SPORTS: Falling Skies

Falling SkiesThe feeling of falling from 10,000 feet in the air, towards the Oklahoma earth, isn’t what you’d expect. That  stomach-in-your-throat sensation from riding rollercoasters isn’t there; the rush of jumping off a cliff, into a lake, isn’t there. It’s more like floating…like riding a strong wind above the world, and for several Edmond residents, it’s the best and most exciting feeling ever experienced.

Skydiving—which makes an appearance on the bucket lists of many—is safer, more accessible and more affordable than ever before, and a few Edmond adrenaline junkies are taking the ultimate plunge.

Madison Farr’s bright blue eyes light up when she thinks about jumping out of airplanes. It’s the jump that thrills this University of Central Oklahoma senior, the feeling of leaping into the air and falling 9,500 feet towards the earth.

Skydiving has always been her dream, and when she turned 18, Madison and her cousin took the leap. “I went as soon as I turned 18, but I hadn’t gone back until I started school at UCO and met Lindsay and Grant. It’s a lot of fun when you know the instructor,” she said. “The best part is jumping out of the plane. When the parachute opens, the view is nice and all, but i