COL: Crazy Car Comparisons

It’s that time. Car shopping! Not my favorite sport. But my son, Aaron, is insistent that I upgrade from my sweet, little 2007 Chrysler Town and Country.

So I bit the bullet and checked out some new models of minivans. First, I hit the Honda dealership where I drove a new 2016 Odyssey. The drive was smooth and there were a ton of gadgets. It even included a small, refrigerated compartment for food or drinks. However, I was unable to see it since I was driving and distracted by a screen that popped up and showed I was a little too far left when crossing a narrow bridge on a country road.

Next was a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, which drove well and had as many features as the Odyssey but two things bothered me. Could I really get used to that knob on the dash for a gearshift? Not sure about that. But the strangest thing—there was no spare tire. It had a built-in vacuum in case you needed to clean the car while you waited for a tow, but no spare for this pricey vehicle.

Last, I tried a 2017 Toyota Sienna. I was already tired before trudging to the area where the minivans were located. Then, of all things, I was asked to wait in that cold, windy area while the salesman traipsed back to the building for keys. Really? Couldn’t he have brought the keys with him? Our test drive was much like the other two and had many of the same features. When he asked if I would like to get a “bottom price” from his manager, I declined. I was tired, cold and hungry and just wanted to go home.

But here’s my take. Never test-drive three cars in the same day. I thought it would be a good comparison. Nope! It simply confused me. By the time I finished driving the last car I had forgotten which features I liked or disliked about the first one.

Meanwhile, I am quite comfy in my little ten-year-old minivan. Car shopping can wait.

Louise Tucker Jones

About the Author

Louise Tucker Jones is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker & founder of Wives With Heavenly Husbands, a support group for widows. or  

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