BUSINESS: Zone 4 Fitness

Nick Weinbrenner & Jonathan Bolding of Zone 4 FitnessIf Zone 4 Fitness’ logo reminds you of the rise and fall of a heartbeat associated with electrocardiology, you’d be right. The slick logo design has everything to do with how the program operates. “Everything is heart rate-based,” said Nick Weinbrenner, vice president of sales and operations. “When you participate in a class, everybody wears a heart rate monitor, and a 60-inch screen shows you what percentage of your maximum heart rate you’re at.”

A heart rate monitor has five different zones of heart rate performance. People who are exercising want to be in the fourth, where they’re at 80-90 percent of their maximum heart rate. In other words, it’s the optimal zone to burn the most amount of fat.

Locally owned Zone 4 Fitness is very much the new kid in town, having just opened its doors in Edmond. Another location is slated to open by the end of the year in NW OKC.

Weinbrenner knows when you say your gym is “different,” you’ve got to deliver. That’s why they don’t just offer heart rate-based workouts, but they go above and beyond with their amenities, too. Members can sip on fruit-infused water or help themselves to eucalyptus-scented towels. The