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Phil Brookman, Pulpit MinisterBaking bread…a neighborhood block party…getting a raccoon out of a chimney… Stories of such neighborly activities abound this year as Memorial Road Church of Christ members focus on the theme of “iNeighbor.”

“We wanted to get back to the basic Biblical principle of love your neighbor by encouraging everyone to meet the people who live next door and to help them with small acts of kindness,” said Andy Lashley, Minister of Involvement and Communications. The focus of the church is to share love in the community by loving people and loving God. According to Pulpit Minister Phil Brookman, the iNeighbor theme has been embraced because of its simplicity. “Become a blessing to the five or six people who live right next to you.”

Lashley shared the example of a member who baked some goodies for his neighbor across the fence. “The two have since formed a reciprocal friendship, helping each other with projects around the house. Simple kindness turned into a mutually beneficial friendship.”

On a larger scale, Memorial Road is gearing up for its annual service project known as Day in the City: Neighborhood Edition. On April 5th, volunteers will work with needy families, schools or parks within their community. The church also offers many programs to help people through different seasons of life, such as DivorceCare and Celebrate Recovery programs.

“If you are looking for a church home, a place to heal, or just a place to connect with others, we are a safe place,” said Lashley. “If you’d like to let us know you are coming to visit, we’ll have someone waiting at the door to escort you around or sit with you in the auditorium. Attend a welcome class where you can drink coffee, meet some of the ministers and ask questions. We’re not perfect, but we constantly work at being a friendly, welcoming place.”

“Throughout the Bible, we are reminded to love our neighbors,” Brookman said. “So invite a neighbor over for dinner. Say ‘hi’ to the people who walk past your yard. Be a blessing to the people next door.”

By following the iNeighbor philosophy, Memorial Road hopes to encourage new friend-ships, community involvement and awareness of Godly principles. After all, who knows where baked cookies might lead? It may end up with them helping get a raccoon out of the chimney. Or better yet, a great new friendship.

Feel free to visit MRCC at 2221 E. Memorial Road this Sunday, give them a call at 478-0166 or visit

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