LOUISE: The Blessing of Brothers

Louise's Brothers: Jim, John, Monte and RayI grew up on a farm with four brothers. Perhaps it would be better to say, I survived growing up with four brothers. And I’m certain my mother was prejudiced to sons. (Just ask my sister. I know she will agree.) I say that because any time I ran to Mama to tell her one of the boys was teasing me, she invariably responded, “It’s just because they love you.” Well, I could do without that kind of love, thank you!

Ray, my oldest brother and comedian of the family, enjoyed taunting my boyfriends. Just as I was leaving on a date, Ray would sternly announce to my escort, “You better have that girl home on time!” He would collapse in laughter when the young man timidly responded, “Yes Sir!”

John, the adventurer, once strapped a pistol to his hip and went outside to practice his quick draw. Soon he came limping into the house and asked me to help dress a wound so Mama wouldn’t see it. He had shot himself in the leg!

Jim was the peacemaker. Eighteen months my senior and my best friend, I knew I could count on Jimmy for anything. He once carried me from the barn to the house when I