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kitchenbath‘There’s no place like home’ is more than a popular saying, it’s a sentiment felt in the hearts of most. Even better is a home designed to reflect the individuality of its owner. That’s where Edmond Kitchen & Bath steps in with creative kitchen and bath ideas to suit even the most particular homeowner.

Owners Brenda and Robert Helms often work hand-in-hand to create dream kitchens and baths. “Bob and I handle different ends of the spectrum. While his area of expertise is the construction end, mine is the design,” explains Brenda. “He inspects for load bearing walls and keeps my lighting and electric plan routed correctly. I am inspired by texture and the function of the space. On more involved projects we work closer together and brainstorm on how to build something or make it do this or that. Sometimes we are faced with odd angles in a kitchen and we collaborate on how to make it aesthetically pleasing while maximizing storage.”

The secret behind every design is linked to Brenda’s natural creativity and the team they have assembled. Junior designer Megan Greve plays a big role. “Megan and I bounce ideas off each other and sharpen each other. Scott and Lauren, two of our multi-talented field crew instill confidence on the job. And Paul’s attention to detail in trim carpentry is always appreciated. Our team of talents enable us to look at a space and see its potential as a makeover, a full remodel or something in between as it relates to the clients needs.”

Homeowners who are uncertain as to what direction to take their home find comfort in the fact that Brenda and Megan know what it takes to help them achieve the kitchen or bath that fits their style. “We try to find what inspires them by asking specific questions. Sometimes it’s a certain color palette or or a feeling they want their home to have. Once we’ve uncovered their passion, we look at their budget to determine whether a makeover or remodel is the best course.” Helms also added that, “Not everyone wants a designer kitchen. Sometimes quality work with well-coordinated, updated finishes is the goal. Others are able to go a little further with unique granite or custom cabinetry. Our job is to determine how best to serve the clients’ needs. It makes for good business and good relationships,” said Helms.

This philosophy has proven successful for Edmond Kitchen & Bath with customers expressing trust in a company that, according to Helms, “makes them feel comfortable. We make the process easy and take the uncertainty out.”

Edmond Kitchen & Bath’s showroom is located at 243 N. Broadway in Edmond, directly in front of the Post Office. Showroom hours are noon to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, visit or call 285-1926. Or drop by an open house, the first Sunday of each month from 1 to 3 p.m.

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