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Dr. CSounds are part of everyday life. They define moments and occasions, and can also signal the possibility of danger. However, for someone who suffers from hearing loss, indistinct sounds often cause frustration that can lead to feelings of depression or isolation. Fortunately, many Oklahomans are receiving the correct testing, diagnosis and treatment through the care of Dr. Trevor Courouleau at Edmond Hearing Doctors.

As an OU Health Sciences Center graduate, Courouleau’s education and background offer an advantage to his patients. “People like going to someone that’s educated in the field they’re working in. Much like an optometrist or dentist, I’ve gone through eight years of university training to be an audiologist. We don’t just sell hearing aids; we’re doctors treating our patients,” he explains. As the adjunct assistant professor of audiology at the OU Health Sciences Center for the past seven years along with six years at Oklahoma City VA Medical Center, Courouleau’s medical experience is relevant to how he serves his patients. “One thing I’ve learned is that patients respond better when their care is personal. We’re a private practice offering very customized attentive care,” said Courouleau.

A valuable part of Edmond Hearing Doctors is Belinda Merkel, patient care coordinator, who handles every aspect of patient relations from scheduling appointments to insurance and billing. “Belinda brings a lot to our practice with her extensive background in medical office management and is studying to be a licensed audiology assistant.

Exceptional customer service isn’t the only thing that makes Edmond Hearing Doctors unique. “We offer a full range of hearing loss exams and treatments but we also offer services for tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears. I believe we’re the primary facility in Edmond that offers this service. Most people have occasional ringing in the ears but when it’s constant, it’s more problematic. Tinnitus is normally caused by hearing loss but can stem from medication, stress, high blood pressure or diabetes,” said Courouleau.

According to the doctor, “Studies show that most patients wait seven to 10 years before seeking hearing loss treatment. The earlier hearing loss is detected and treated, the better.” For someone hearing clearly for the first time, after months or years of suffering hearing loss, it can be an emotional experience. “As an audiologist, the ability to give someone a better quality of life, by improving their hearing, is great.”

To receive a free hearing screening and discounts on treatment, attend their upcoming open house, with lunch provided, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 10 and 11 at 307 E. Danforth, Suite 118.

For more information, call 341-1800 or visit, or find them on Facebook where they provide updates, specials
and promotions.

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