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Indoor 18

The weather is always perfect for golf at Indoor 18. The brand-new Edmond course lets golfers play year round at affordable prices, without battling the elements. 

Playing Like the Pros

Indoor 18 guests use their own balls and clubs. They hit the ball from a turf surface, just like an outdoor course. Then the magic happens, as top-of-the-line Trackman technology analyzes their swing and the curve of the ball to predict where the shot will land. “It’s within one percent accuracy,” says Steven Metcalf, who owns Indoor 18 with his wife Allison. 

The ball’s path is projected on a screen. Meanwhile, the actual ball goes through the screen, lands, and rolls back, instantly ready for the next shot.

Indoor 18’s Trackman technology is used by most PGA tour golfers. Guests can play on virtual versions of many top courses around the world. “A lot of people come here for that experience,” says Steven. 

Options for Every Golfer

Since there’s no walking or waiting, most people finish a round within an hour. Many guests come during their lunch break or in the evening after the kids are in bed. The course is popular among players who want to practice their swing (with expert help from Trackman). Students are welcome to bring their own coaches or pros, or Indoor 18 can arrange time with a pro on their list. 

Indoor 18 can also bring the game to you. They’ll set up a bay and a Trackman for weddings, corporate events, or parties. They provide Trackman units for people who want to practice their swing at an outdoor driving range.

With winter approaching, now is a great time to improve your game at Indoor 18. Visit them at 17200 N. May, Suite 600 in Edmond and

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