Still Movin’ and Groovin’ at 100

Betty Windsor

Betty Windsor can barely sit down long enough to acknowledge that she’s 100 years old. She’s too busy walking her dogs, dancing, and encouraging other people to be active no matter what their age.

“Look at me,” Betty says to her senior friends at the Edmond Senior Center, “I’m still moving, and you can too! Come on, stand up, it will make you strong.”  

“She’s a cheerleader, always inspiring others to be fit,” said Vicki Windsor, Betty’s daughter-in-law, who is continually amazed at Betty’s energy. “She’s more like a 60-year-old.”

Not surprisingly, Betty has a degree in physical education. She lived on a teacher’s salary while raising three children as a single mom. She describes herself as the kind of kid that never stopped moving and an adult who has outlasted the competition. In fact, she waited until she was 50 to start running marathons. She now has over 300 winning medals. 

“Betty has medallions in baskets. She has shadow boxes full of medallions lining the walls. She has no wall space left,” Vicki said. “She has trophies everywhere. She has quilts made of her marathon t-shirts, because she has way too many to wear.” As it is, Betty prefers to wear OKC Thunder shirts. She’s an avid fan who watches all the games and knows all the players.  

Dancing has always been a favorite of Betty’s, from country line dancing to Zumba. She was even the first Senior Follies queen when it originally started. These days, since the pandemic has hindered her visits to the MAC, she is teaching her grandchildren to dance at home.  

According to Vicky, Betty has a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. “She’s adorable. She’s always said, ‘I think I’ll make it to 100—I just might not remember it.’” Betty says that it just “makes her laugh” to be a centurion.  

Betty’s 100th birthday in August was not spent quietly. Besides family activities, her neighbors threw her a block party, and the local Sam’s Club made her cupcakes. “She walks miles around the store on the weekends, and she’s gotten to know the employees working there,” Vicki said. “She’s an inspiration to everyone she meets, so it was a busy day. We were all worn out, except Betty. She was going strong.” Vicky laughed. “We’re ready to drop, and she’s ready to party.” 

Even Betty’s doctor sent her a birthday card. It said, “If all my patients were as healthy as you, Betty, I would be out of business.” Betty’s answer to that is, “If a body part still works, just keep moving it. You can do it!”






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