Biz Look: Lupe Mann, Ariston Realty

For Lupe Mann, the real estate business isn’t about sales figures. It’s about serving others.“I treat people the way I want to be treated,” she says. Anchored in those values, she has built a successful fifteen-year career helping OKC area clients with a wide range of needs.

Empowering Homeowners through Education

During Lupe’s initial call with a client, she asks for a list of questions, then guides them in contacting a lender. “Many people don’t realize they need to pre-qualify for a loan. I can help with that, and educate them on the process from start to finish,” she says. 

Many home buyers default on their mortgage within 5 years because of over financial commitment and under education. Lupe helps them to understand this is a long-term commitment and investment. Lupe is grateful when she’s allowed to help with the biggest investment most people make when they purchase a home.

A Commitment to Service

Customerservicehasbeenoneof Lupe’s highest values throughout her professional career. Before becoming a Realtor in 2007, she worked in banking and collections, where she developed her gifts for listening and getting to know people.

Her affiliation with Ariston Realty was because the company shared her values and vision. “We’re here to serve the community,” she says. “it’s not about a one-time sale. It’s about continuing a relationship by providing vendors and resources through my network that will keep the property in good shape.” 

Even with the Covid-19 crisis, Lupe has stayed busy. Oklahoma is second in the nation for places to live based on cost of living and home prices. She is serving customers throughout the U.S. and even internationally, helping clients relocate.

Whether her clients are selling, buying, or investing, Lupe is committed to their success. She works with buyers, investors, and commercial clients, with a special focus on the Hispanic community.

What she loves most about her job is satisfied customers. “It makes me happy that they’re happy,” she says.

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