Back to the Battlefield

Vietnam warBilly Terrill rode the muddy waters of the Mekong River in Vietnam toward the battlefield. Beside him, 20 of his brothers in arms were prepared and counting off the moments. Each knew what they would be facing because they’d all faced it before. Exactly 50 years earlier. To the day. To the hour. To the minute. Now, thanks to the Greatest Generations Foundation (GGF) and their War Without Heroes Initiative, they were returning to the site of their worst memory.


“The trip let me go back to a place that was the most traumatic day of my life,” says Terrill, an Edmond resident and highly-decorated Vietnam Veteran. “I went back to see the things I thought I’d never see again, except in my dreams. But, thanks to the Greatest Generations Foundation, I was able to set foot on hallowed ground.”


The GGF, an international non-government organization, was started by Timothy Davis to help combat